Bluetooth Controlled Robot for Safety and Security Purpose

Title Bluetooth Controlled Robot for Safety and Security Purpose
Authors Shamik Sen, Ashique Ahmed Chowdhury, Kingshuk Chowdhury
Semester Fall, 2015

bluetooth robotSafety and security issues for human life are the most popular and important part to be solved in the modern era. That is why we have developed the robot that can help human beings in solving their security and safety issues. The robot has a square-shaped head, cylindrical-shaped body and it uses wheels for its directional movements. It is approximately 3 feet tall. The robot has an eye where the camera is connected. It can be controlled or operated using Bluetooth module. This robot has servo motor connected in its head for movement and also four gear motors connected at the wheels to operate them. There is a projection light in the head which help the robot for its operations in dark places or at night. The robot we have developed basically has temperature detector, gas detector, motion detector for moving human or animal, obstacle detection system and video transmission features. These entire features in the robot have been given using sensors such as temperature sensor, gas sensor, ultrasonic sensor, P.I.R. sensor and Bluetooth module. These features can help people to have a safer life to some extent from high temperature and harmful gases and also detects the presence of human being or animals in such cases. So, we hope this would be helpful in the safety issues and this is just a demonstration that can be improved into another level by increasing its features.