Smart Gas Meter

Title Smart Gas Meter
Authors Saurav Das Shuvo, Md.Yeasin Iqbal Asif, Md. Jahir Rahman
Semester Fall, 2016

In this project a meter will be built using Hall Effect sensor based flow meter, pressure sensor, Arduino Uno, Digital display and GSM module which will measure use of natural gas and generate proper billing for home and industry users. The meter will show the amount of gas used for specific period of time and notify the customer and supplier by sending SMS using GSM module. Our device, smart gas meter will help people to get pattern of usage of gas and take efficient steps to stop unnecessary usage of this natural energy source. Adopting the cylinder based gas distribution system nowadays, this device will be able to provide a notification system for refilling purpose. The user and the supplier can get notification if the amount of gas has reduced to a certain level and automatic order can be placed. The user will be able to compare the amount of gas in each cylinder and find best supplier too. The meter is a low cost device and affordable.

In this project gases pass through a flow meter, temperature sensor will sense temperature of the gas. Pressure sensor will measure gas pressure from the rotation of the flow meter. From proper calculation we will find the amount of gas pass through the flow meter. The main goal of our project is to turn our meter into a smart meter so that investor will be interested to invest and the product will be largely accepted by the people. The design and the device of the smart meter will be optimized for low cost and will have less complexity connecting into a gas line. Our product is very much unique and we hope that it will be one of the best products in the current market and natural gas user from all over the country will be able to use the meter.