Smart Meter

Title Smart Meter
Authors Minhaz Chowdhury, Syed Rafi Sayeed, Mahmud Imran Suvro
Semester Fall, 2015

smart meterSmart Meter can be described as an advanced metering contrivance that customarily records consumption of electrical energy in intervals of an hour or less and transmits the recorded information over a communication medium. Our aim was to design a prototype which would work as an electricity meter measuring and displaying voltage, current, power, energy consumed and cost of electricity used, and then transmit these data over the Internet where the user can see it over the Internet, unlike current digital meter which can only display energy consumed in Kilowatt-hour.
We were able to accomplish our aim to some extent, measuring and displaying those readings but with certain errors in reading. Unfortunately, we were unable to establish a two-way communication between our prototype and the user via the Internet. However, we were able to transmit these readings over the Internet where the user can see it any time and at their convenience.

There are still some limitations on our prototype but in our future work we will overcome those limitations and finally create a working smart meter to be used on every household and commercial or industrial place.