Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Title Smart Vacuum Cleaner
Authors Md. Arif Hossain(1320403043), Md. Shakhawat Hossain(1321294043), Mir Aqibur Rahman(1230307643), Omor Sharif Noor(1320911043), Mohammod Ali Rony(1311438643)
Supervisor Dr. Mahdy Rahman Chowdhury
Semester Summer, 2018

It is a bot that can clean our houses with vacuum. We can control the bot manually through Bluetooth with android phone. It also have autonomous mood so that it can clean the house automatically. The bot uses the combination of compass and ultrasonic sensors to locate its position and angle and to avoid obstacles intelligently. All the algorithm is controlled by Arduino. The bot has a vacuum cleaner on the back which has enough suction power to suck dust. The bot also have battery volt monitor and alert system so that the owner can know when the bot need charge.