Smart Water Monitoring System

Title Smart Water Monitoring System
Authors Kazi Rafiu Ibn Matin(
Supervisor Dr. Shazzad Hosain
Semester Fall, 2018

The project represents the novel design of a water condition monitoring device. Such devices can be used to scan and observe the water qualities for various purposes from fisheries to agriculture and other various industrial scale applications where monitoring water condition is necessary. A leading company that manufactures such products is Libelium. The devices produced by Libelium can be a bit on the expensive side, ranging from $999 to even greater amounts depending on the kit. The purpose of such water monitoring device can be met at a low cost, using simple designs and cheaper materials, which was the motivation towards the device that was built in this project. The device can greatly benefit fishing economy of Bangladesh, since it has the world?s largest delta and is mostly low marshy lands where many fish farms reside. If the conditions of the fisheries are monitored by using the device and measures are taken to control such conditions, it can greatly improve the fish production yield, since most Bangladeshi fisheries don?t use any devices to monitor the water. The device has a 10W Solarpanel that charges a rechargeable battery (12.6V) which delivers the required power to the Arduino to function the sensors(ORP, DO, pH, Salinity, Turbidity & Temperature). The readings can be observed on a LCD screen on the device, and also can be received on a handheld device via Bluetooth and alert the user for harmful changes in water conditions which will be very convenient for the operators of various fisheries.