Shurjomukhi : A Sun tracking solar power system

Title Shurjomukhi : A Sun tracking solar power system
Authors Abul Kalam Azad Raunak Monir Shadman Haque
Semester Spring, 2016

As a prime source of renewable energy, solar energy is the safest for the environment when it comes to harness energy. And Bangladesh is at a geographical advantage for collecting solar energy. So, in order to improve the efficiency of the solar power system, we introduced  Shurjomukhi: A Sun Tracking Solar Power System.

Shurjomukhi A Sun Tracking Solar Power System synopsisOur Device tracks the sunlight and rotates the solar panel accordingly. The device has two servo motors; one for horizontal rotation and one for vertical rotation. Four Light Dependent Resistors (LDR) has been used for tracking. Each and every LDR has been split within the frame for smooth rotation. The programming is done with arduino micro controller. We got selected for a showcase at ICT Expo 2016 organized by ICT Division of Bangladesh with our device and got tremendous response in media as well as in public. As a result of our project, we generated more power all throughout the day using Shurjomukhi compared to the conventional fixed panel solar system.