Terrestrial Land Rover

Title Terrestrial Land Rover
Authors Oishi Maniha, Ahnaf Akib Ahsan, S. M. Azad Rahman, Tausif Hasib Siddiqui, Arnad Das, Ameyo Talukder, Farzana Yeasmin Tonniee
Semester Fall, 2016

This is a prototype model of a terrestrial land rover. The rover is designed in the most adequate way for it to accomplish land activity. The main motive of the rover is to survey any given piece of area and collect necessary data. Rover uses four high torque DC motors for ultimate torque .It uses a raspberry pi 3 module as its controller. It consists of temperature, gas, radar, gps and camera modules. The readings from the modules are displayed in real time through a website. These data provides a detailed outline of any disaster zone and allow us to take measured step before sending rescue teams. The mapping system in the rover could enable to locate any victims amidst the debris. The live streaming camera would allow to steer the rover and also record the parts in the debris. The outcome of this project is to create and proper surveillance bot to detect and identify details about any disaster zone for safe rescue missions.