Traffic Control System Using Computer Vision

Title Traffic Control System Using Computer Vision
Authors Shafqat Masrur Turza(
Supervisor Dr. Mahdy Rahman Chowdhury
Semester Fall, 2018

As the number of vehicles is increasing day by day; traffic jams are becoming very common in big cities like Dhaka. Due to this frequent traffic jams at major junctions, lots of time is being wasted.So we create a smart and efficient traffic control system with a very low of cost .We use a video processing based smart traffic control system. Technically this system is based on computers and cameras which performs continuous monitoring of vehicular flow in the roads with the help of preinstalled CCTV cameras. Then an intelligent traffic management decision is performed according to the measurement of vehicular flow parameters and vehicle numbers on traffic junction. The decision includes analyzing the videos from CCTV cameras and counts the number of vehicles in the junction and also import to the main system. Then the device estimates the maximum number of vehicles and generate green signal and red signal on that estimation.