Trailing Detection of Human Activity: GPS Tracking

Title Trailing Detection of Human Activity: GPS Tracking
Authors Afsana Imam Urmi (1210613042), Maisha Mahjabeen (1210395042)
Semester Summer, 2016

It is a hard task to select transport system while in a tour. Also lack of planning may make the tour hazy. Where to go first, where to visit later is a common problem in a tour. Also, time another conditions to be clarified. That is why we have built a web portal named as our software project, where tourists all over the world can get the overall scenario of Bangladesh tourism. In this system not only the information will be provided, but also it will assure the comfort and enjoyment of the tour. All the aforesaid constraints have been taken care of. Further discussion and ideas are given later in this report. . We also build a web system which is interrelated with this app and which make a travel plan for us and for the foreigners who visit BD.