Title Tricopter
Authors Nafis Saleheen, Khan Ashique Rahman, Mohammad Nahian Omar
Semester Fall, 2015

tricopterWe developed a multirotor system, a Tricopter, which will primarily be used for aerial photography, inspectional and monitoring applications.  Through months of literature review, analysis, simulation and practical implementation it was finally possible to build the system we intended to design. As the primary task of the Tricopter would be to fly, we had tested it on field and it was able to fly although it was still unstable. The thrust each motor produced was 992g to produce an overall thrust of 2976g through practical determination. The system was in synchronization with user inputs with minimal offsets. The range or distance the system could cover and the top speed could not be determined practically due to stability issues. The average flight time for the system was 9mins and 32secs, based on a number of flight tests. It was practically not possible to demonstrate the image quality of an onboard camera due to a shortage in budget. The total budget required to complete this project was around Tk.30000 which was a bit higher than we initially planned. This system can be further improved once it is completely stable in flight. Digital image processing and wireless data transmission could be developed in this existing system which can be taken up as another major project.