Underwater research and rescue robot

Title Underwater research and rescue robot
Authors MD. Tanzil Shahria (tanzil50@yahoo.com)
Supervisor Dr. Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan
Semester Fall, 2018

A possible solution to minimize the delay in rescuing the coastal areas ship accidents is presented in this project. An underwater research and rescue robot has been designed and analyzed for the coast guards and rescue team to save lives. This robot may also be used in research work since Bangladesh has a huge area in the Bay of Bengal. Researchers may find this robot useful while doing their research to utilize the resources hidden under the Bay of Bengal. However, the robot can also be used in the personal research work. A raspberry pi is used as the communication and control device in this project. Webcam has been used to get live video streams from the robot to the user. The raspberry pi is directly connected to a router which is in the same network of the laptop via Ethernet cable to send
commands from the laptop to raspberry to navigate the robot and to get the live video stream. Navigation is controlled by the Brushless motors via Electronic Speed Control (ESC).