Web Based Home Automation

Title Web Based Home Automation
Authors Lamiya Chowdhury, Salsabil Tabassum Synthia, Shadib Karim, Ariful Islam, Rafi Mahmud Chowdhury
Semester Fall, 2016

This project aims at making a home automation system through which anyone can control their light switches by simply using their smart devices. This project is very useful for anyone who cannot move easily from one place to another. This project also helps to save time and money. As the project is very easy to operate, even the old people can comfortably use it.

This project of home automation system is controlled from a webpage. The switches for controlling the lights will be in the webpage, and thus from there the lights can be turned on or off using their smart devices such as phone, computer, laptop or tablet. Internet is required to use the system and the user needs to stay under the range of the wifi router of the house. The circuit design has a raspberry pi3, line decoder, latch and a relay. Whenever the user will want to turn on the light, he/she will just need to click in the particular switch in the webpage. The webpage will send command which will be processed through the raspberry pi to the decoder then latch and then from the relay the wires will go to every single light. According to the users wish, the particular light will then get turned on.

This project would be useful to the old and disabled persons who have a hard time to move. Besides, people who take care of the disabled persons will find this project useful. Extremely busy and lazy people will also be happy with this project.

This project will be accepted if launched in the market. Since this project is easy to use and has much advantages, people will want to use this if launched in the market. If more functions can be added to the project, then the popularity of the project will increase in the market.