Web based Remote fuel monitoring and location tracking system for CNG

Title Web based Remote fuel monitoring and location tracking system for CNG
Authors Syed Akib Anwar Hridoy, M. Tahmid Ekram, Sm. Asif Sazed
Semester Fall, 2015

CNGThis project is aimed to provide a reliable and user friendly framework by which the user can continuously monitor a vehicle’s fuel status and also its location. Both of these crucial pieces of information have been integrated and made available to the user in one web page. The prototype device used to collect this information is constructed using an Arduino UNO board and a GSM/GPS shield for Arduino. Fuel information is obtained from the status of the gas meter inside the vehicle and location information is obtained using GPS. This data is then sent over the internet, connection to which is obtained using the GSM shield which uses a standard SIM card to connect to a 2G/3G network, to a web server where the information is processed and stored in the database. The webpage where the user can see this information refreshes required objects at regular intervals, so whenever the fuel status or location status changes this is reflected on the page without the need of manual refresh.

The project prototype device has been constructed successfully. It correctly sends out meter status and location information to the servers. The web page also updated the information accordingly, whenever a change took place. Figure 1 below shows the web interface which is the user end application. Figure 2 shows the device prototype and experimental circuit set up to model a vehicle’s gas meter.