Wireless Animatronic Hand with Glove Control

Title Wireless Animatronic Hand with Glove Control
Authors Faiyad Bin Habib, Sourav Podder, Salauddin Noor
Semester Fall, 2016

Our project will consist of a mechanically constructed hand and a controller glove that senses the movements of a human hand and controls the mechanical hand correspondingly. The objective of this device is to imitate the actions performed by the human hand in order to help minimize the requirement of physical presence of a human being in places where human intervention is minimally required.

In Bangladesh there are many industries where human hand is must to complete the required task; but it may harm human skin or bones. Using our device may allow the robotic hand to complete the same task so that the risk can be avoided and required task can be achieved.

Another key aspiration of this project is to be helpful to physically disabled patients, with various in-capabilities- starting with the hand-thereby reducing the dependency on other people for any basic everyday functions that require the use of hands, with features like reduced dimension, weight and cost, good bio mimetic reproduction of human hand, finger design for use also in a partial amputation and with sufficient grip force. The robotic structure will help to augment the abilities of physically disabled people and thereby help them by allowing to move with the robot help, if not fully, but to some extent.

Also this project can be developed in the future to help dumb and deaf people to interact with sign languages. The sign language instructions can be stored in the microcontroller and a speaker can be connected which will convert the sign language into speech. We have also focused on minimizing the cost of producing such systems, so that large scale production is possible with proper funding- an initiative which someday can be implemented commercially. Robotic hands can gradually lead way to robotic legs, even entire robotic skeletons as we gain experience in this field. This can be a stepping stone for our country to engage into a new technology which has limitless applications.