CSE 115L Programming Language I Lab

Code and Name CSE 115L Programming language I Lab
Type Core, Engineering, Lab
Credit Hours 1
Pre-requisites None
Lab Manual Download

Course Summary: This is the first course in the computer science programming and is required for all computer science and engineering majors. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of structured programming. Topics include fundamentals of computers and number systems, algorithms & flowcharts, fundamental programming constructs: syntax and semantics of a higher-level language, variables, expressions, operators, simple I/O to console and files, conditional and iterative control structures, functions and parameter passing, dynamic memory allocation; fundamental data structures: arrays, structures, strings and string processing; and testing and debugging strategies.

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to

  1. learn fundamental knowledge on basics of computers, hardware, software, and number systems,
  2. familiarize about the basic terminologies used in computer programming,
  3. proficiently transform designs of problem solutions into a standard programming language,
  4. use an integrated development environment (IDE) to write, compile, and execute programs involving a small number of source files,
  5. proficiently use fundamental programming elements including: variable declaration, data types and simple data structures (arrays, strings, and structures), decision structures, loop structures, functions/methods, input and output for console and text files,
  6. apply debugging and testing techniques to locate and resolve errors and to determine the effectiveness of a program, and
  7. have understanding of professionalism, codes of ethics and responsible conduct.