CSE 173 Discrete Mathematics

Code and Name CSE 173 Discrete Mathematics
Type Core
Credit Hours 3
Pre-requisites CSE 115, CSE 115L

Course Summary: This course introduces the students to discrete mathematical structures. Topics include sets, relations, functions, propositional and predicate logic, rules of inference, proof methods, number theoretic concepts such as mod, congruence, GCD, LCM, etc., mathematical induction, basic counting techniques such as product rule, sum rule, principles of inclusion and exclusion, division rule, permutation, combination, pigeon-hole principle, etc., as well as introduction to graphs, trees, sequences, summations, and recurrence relations.

 Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to

  1. construct mathematical arguments using propositions, predicates, logical connectives, quantifiers, and rules of inference as well as verify them,
  2. select appropriate proof methods (e.g. direct proof, proof by contradiction, proof by contraposition, existence proof, etc) to build simple mathematical proofs,
  3. identify the types and properties of sets, relations, functions, graphs, and trees and prove simple mathematical properties of them
  4. describe recursive function, sequence, or the sum of a series using recurrence relation and solve that using forward/backward substitution method,
  5. prove basic properties of number theoretic operations (e.g. congruence, mod, GCD, and LCM) and apply those to solve simple related problems
  6. apply mathematical induction to prove properties of mathematical objects, series, etc.,
  7. apply the knowledge of summation notation and basic counting techniques to solve simple mathematical problems