CSE 299 Junior Design Course

Code and Name CSE 299 Junior Design Course
Type Core
Credit Hours 1
Pre-requisites Completion of 60 credits

Course Summary: This is an intermediate level design course, after a student has gathered sufficient experiences on programming, algorithms, data structures up to 200 level core courses, core math, and core science courses. This “Junior Design Course” involves multidisciplinary teams of students who build and test IOT devices, websites, mobile apps (IOS and android) or engineering processes. Design projects selected from proposal submitted by the students, or recommended by the course instructor, or text book design problems. The instructor acts as supervisor and assists the students in design team formation and organization,  design proposal preparation, implementation of design process, project scheduling and management, design reviews, design simulation and testing, preparation of drawings, specifications, etc. Performances are evaluated by oral presentation of proposal and demonstration of completed projects, report writing, effective use of computing knowledge, design process, project management and scheduling etc.

 Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are

  1. To Supervise student groups finding appropriate computing/engineering problem and design solution using the computing/engineering knowledge
  2. To develop a clear and quantifiable statement of performance requirements.
  3. Develop technical specifications for the performance requirements
  4. To Select and implement the desirable solution and evaluate the results.
  5. To organize student meetings, teach taking journal notes and maintain teamwork in group environment
  6. To teach writing proposal and complete project reports, presentation and demonstration of project
  7. To train how to manage finance and scheduling of time while working in multidisciplinary team