CSE 331 Microprocessor Interfacing & Embedded System

Code and Name CSE 331 Microprocessor Interfacing & Embedded System
Type Required, Engineering, Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Pre-requisites CSE 332, Computer Organization & Architecture

Course Summary: This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concept of microprocessor architecture and microprocessor based embedded systems. A basic idea of the internal and external architecture of the microprocessor 8086 will be provided followed by the physical pin diagram of microprocessor 8086. The course will also cover the other peripheral devices of a microprocessor based system i.e. RAM 6116, PIO 8255 Controller and 7-Segment Display. The course will then cover the programming languages for interfacing: Assembly language followed by Interrupt and data conversion algorithm. A brief introduction to the Microcontroller 8051 will also be provided. Simulation software tool: emulator 8086 will be introduced in the laboratory classes for doing simulation-based project works. This course has separate mandatory laboratory session every week as CSE 331L

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are –

  1. to introduce the internal and external architecture of microprocessor 8086
  2. to explain the interconnection of microprocessor and different peripheral devices
  3. to introduce Assembly language for direct manipulation of microprocessor 8086
  4. to introduce to simulation tool i.e. emulator 8086 for simulation based works