CSE 445 Machine Learning

Code and Name CSE 445 Machine Learning
Type Elective
Credit Hours 3
Pre-requisites CSE 348 or Consent from Instructor

Introduction to Machine Learning; Classification of learning: Unsupervised and supervised learning, Connectionist learning, Reinforcement learning, Machine discovery; Supervised learning: Information theoretic decision tree learner, Best current hypothesis search, Candidate elimination (version space) algorithm, Learning in the first order Horn clause representation, Inductive logic programming, Application; Unsupervised learning: Hierarchical clustering, Category utility, Incremental and nonincremental algorithms for hierarchical clustering, Applications; Connectionist learning: Introduction to Neural Network, Feedforward and recurrent network, Perceptron, Multilayer feedforward network, Backpropagation algorithm for training a feedforward network, Applications; Genetic Algorithms: Genetic operators, Fitness function, Genetic algorithm in supervised learning framework, Applications