CSE 498/EEE 498/ETE 498 Internship/Co-op/Directed Research

Code and Name CSE 498/EEE 498/ETE 498 Internship/Co-op/Directed Research
Type Required
Credit Hours 0
Pre-requisites Completion of 80 credits

Course Summary: This course is designed to provide experience to students through internship/Co-op works in the public and private industry related to Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, and Computing Technology or through advanced research in relevant academic fields. Students will work there, prepare detailed report and present in front of a departmental committee. 

Course Objectives: The objective of this course are to:

  1. Gain practical experience within the industry environment.
  2. Acquire knowledge of the industry in which the internship is done.
  3. Apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a work setting.
  4. Develop a greater understanding about career options while more clearly defining personal career goals.
  5. Develop and refine oral and written communication skill
  6. Identify areas for future knowledge and skill developments.