CSE499B/EEE499B/ETE499B – Senior Design II

Course Summary: This is a senior level course, after a student has completed all the required major core courses, core math, and core science courses. This “capstone design course” involves multidisciplinary teams of students who build and test custom designed systems, components or engineering processes. Design projects selected from problems submitted by the students, faculty and local industry; Industry projects are given preference as they are best suited for meeting the course objectives; Instructional phase includes (not limited to): communications, report writing, visual aids, design process (requirements/specifications/objections, synthesis/analysis, design evaluation, implementation, maintainability, manufacturability, economic and social influences etc.), proposal preparation, estimating, project management and scheduling, contracts etc.; Performance phase includes (not limited to): design team formation and organization,  design proposals, implementation of design process, project scheduling and management, design reviews, design simulation and testing, preparation of documentation, drawings, specifications, etc., written and oral presentation of completed projects.

Course Objectives: The objective of this course are to:

    1. familiarize students with the fundamental principles involved in the design process by doing a real design that solves a real world problem.
    2. make students able to identify and define problems.
    3. acquaint students with mechanisms of technological problem-solving, design alternatives, and project planning, implementation, and proper documentation.
    4. analyze the influence of cost, material resources, performance criteria, and relevant ethical and safety issues.

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