EEE 311L/ETE 311L Analog Electronics II Lab

Course Summary: Design methods to fix gain and bandwidth specifications in amplifiers are presented. Design use of feedback technique is presented. Properties and design amplification of operational amplifiers are studied. Emphasis is given on electronic circuitry used in communication engineering. 

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are

  1. to introduce differential amplifier and use of that in operational amplifier, basics of operational amplifier and all special types of circuits using Op-Amp, offset voltage and current, and frequency response of operational amplifier.
  2. to teach student function of Op-Amps in 555 Timer and different types of modes of operation of 555 Timer.
  3. to explain regenerative and degenerative feedback systems, different types of negative feedback topologies, the differences between positive feedback and oscillator circuits, the oscillation criteria, different types of sinusoidal oscillator circuits and their working principle.
  4. tofamiliarize students about passive and active filters, relationship in between roll-offs and cut-off frequency and different types of filter circuits.
  5. simulateand evaluate the performance analysis of operational amplifiers, Timer circuits, feedback circuits, and oscillator and filter circuits through MultiSim Software.

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