EEE 321 Introduction to Communications Systems

Code and Name EEE 321 Introduction to Communications Systems
Type Core, Engineering, Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Pre-requisites EEE 221, MAT 361

Course Summary: Introduction to basic concepts of communication systems; modulation and demodulation techniques, analog modulation: AM, FM, PM, Digital communication techniques and their merits/demerits; noise in communication system; Overview of modern communication systems, PSTN- Switching functions and Traffic analysis.

Course Objectives: The course objectives of this course are to

  1. expose students to various classical analog transmission techniques and modern digital communication systems and provide them with the understanding of traffic analysis.
  2. familiarize with the Digital communication systems and their advantage over analog counterpart.
  3. learn about the analog to digital conversion process and various encoding techniques: ASK, FSK, PSK. Understand the application of ‘Nyquist’ and ‘Shannon’ capacity formula.
  4. analyze the behavior of digital communication system under the presence of noise and to equip students with the knowledge of resource calculation through traffic analysis.
  5. introduce modern day cellular communication system and related phenomena.