EEE 361/ ETE 361 Electromagnetic Fields & Waves

Code and Name EEE 361/ ETE 361 Electromagnetic Fields & Waves
Type Core, Engineering, Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Pre-requisites PHY 108, MAT 350

Course Summary: This course provides an introduction to Maxwell’s equations and their applications to engineering problems. Topics include the physical meaning of Curl, Gradient and Divergence; physical meaning of Maxwell’s point relations along with Maxwell’s integral relations, Electrostatics, magnetostatics, time-varying fields, waves and propagation, force, energy, oblique incidence of light, boundary conditions, Poynting vector, cavity, different co-ordinate systems and antennas.

 Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are

  1. to introduce Maxwell’s equations, their physical meaning and applications.
  2. to use Curl, Gradient and Divergence for electromagnetic and real world problems.
  3. to expose students in the real world problems of electromagnetism such as application
  4. of interface/boundary conditions.
  5. to be familiar with the electrostatics and magnetostatics along with time varying fields and waves.
  6. to analyse complex theoretical problems such as waves and propagation, oblique incidence of light, Poynting vector and boundary conditions.
  7. to introduce with cavity (or waveguides) and antenna analysis.