EEE 362 Power Systems

Code and Name EEE 362 Power Systems
Type Core, Engineering, Lecture
Credit Hours 3
Pre-requisites EEE 241

Course Summary: Phasors, complex power, voltage regulation; balanced/unbalanced three-phase operation, short circuit capacity, circuit breakers; transmission lines, series/shunt impedance, short, medium, and long line models; symmetrical components, sequence networks.

Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to

  1. learn fundamentals concepts of phasor analysis, complex power, three-phase power systems, balanced and unbalanced operation, per unit method, one line diagram.
  2. familiar with analytical models of transformers, generators and transmission lines.
  3. learn working principles and operation of three-phase transformers, autotransformers
  4. gain knowledge on different analytical tools related to electric power transmission and distribution