EEE 363L Electrical Machines Lab

Code and Name EEE 363L Electrical Machines Lab
Type Core, Engineering, Lab
Credit Hours 1
Pre-requisites EEE 241

Course Summary: Working principles and applications of various DC and AC machines such as Dc generator/motor, Alternator, Synchronous motor, Induction motor and transformer, Armature winding diagram, Torque-Speed characteristics, power flow diagram, Parallel operation of generator, House diagram, and controlling motor characteristics.

 Course Objectives: The objectives of this course are to

  1. make students conversant with the concepts of various types of electrical machines and their applications.
  2. explain the operation principle of transformer. .
  3. gain knowledge about the principle of operation of DC generator and their constructions, and the challenges associated with its operations.
  4. learn about the working mechanism of 3-phase and 1-phase induction motors, their applications, torque-speed characteristics, controlling motor characteristics by employing certain mechanisms.
  5. describe the working principle of Alternator and synchronous motor. Students learn how to operate different types of AC/DC machines.