ECE Distinguished Seminar on 5G Cellular Networks in the unlicensed band: Opportunities and Challenges

Seminar Topic

5G Cellular Networks in the unlicensed band: Opportunities and Challenges


WiFi/WLAN has been the most dominant technology in the unlicensed bands. LTE-U is an emerging cellular wireless technology aimed at providing carrier grade wireless service in the unlicensed band.  The recent works are particularly targeting 5GHz band where there is more than 400 MHz of bandwidth is available. WiFi is already operating in this band. So, Cellular mobile technology needs to make sure that the impact of LTE transmission on the WiFi transmission remain in the tolerable level. Since these two technologies work differently, co-existence of them are not straightforward and a number of challenges need to be addressed in order to successfully deploy LTE in the unlicensed band. This talk will provide an overview of the technology along with research challenges for realising the full potential and will discuss some of their possible solutions


Dr. Faisal Tariq, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London

“Dr. Faisal Tariq” is associated with Queen Mary School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science ( and their interest includes heterogeneous cellular networks, 5G technologies and smart grid communications. He has published a number of peer reviewed papers in various journals, conferences and books. He is the recipient of best paper award at Wireless Personal Multimedia Conference (WPMC) held in New Jersey in 2013. He is a member of IEEE. He received his B.Sc.(Hons) from Rajshahi University, Bangladesh and M.Sc. from Chalmers University, Sweden. He received his PhD from The Open University, UK in 2013

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