Career with Pathao: Meet and Greet Session!

Pathao is the most trusted community fueled mode of transport in Bangladesh. From sharing rides that make commutes faster and cheaper to door-to-door deliveries, Pathao does it all. The company’s highly trained, decentralized fleet of motorbikes and cars ensure the most efficient mode of transportation on the streets of Bangladesh. By leveraging proprietary technology, Pathao is able to provide top-notch service. Pathao’s app-based ride sharing concept has changed the landscape of commuting in Bangladesh.

Pathao is looking to encourage high performing upperclassmen (>100 Credits) from NSU to participate in internships or fully come on board at Pathao. Pathao is actively seeking passionate, driven individuals who want professional experience at Bangladesh’s fastest growing tech company and love tackling complex problems.

Pathao is hosting an introductory talk followed by a Q&A session that provides career advice on how to market yourself to a large scale tech company like Pathao.

This event is open for students of Engineering, English, Business and/or Social Sciences at North South University.

This event is graciously supported through NSU ACM-W student chapter.

Guest Speakers:
1) Ruzan Sarwar: Head of External Affairs, Pathao
2) M. Ehsanul karim: Head of Data Science, Pathao

About the Guests:
Ruzan Sarwar:
Ruzan Sarwar heads up the External Affairs department at Pathao. She previously led the Impact Financing team, working on increasing access to motorcycles in Bangladesh. She was the Country Representative of iCare Benefits in Bangladesh, and engaged in governance mechanisms for USAID projects. Before that, she was a Foreign Policy Fellow at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. She has an MA in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University and a BA in Political Science from Stony Brook University. Ruzan constantly looks to broaden her horizons and push boundaries by taking on projects outside of her comfort zone.

M. Ehsanul Karim:
M. Ehsanul Karim (MEK) heads up the data science initiative at Pathao, the local market leader in motor-bike based ride sharing, on-demand food delivery and logistics in Bangladesh. Before that, MEK was a Lecturer of Computer Science at North South University, Dhaka-Bangladesh with focus on developing artificial intelligence (AI), data-science and machine learning related courses for senior undergraduate students. Finally, He has 6+ years of professional experience; most of it was graduate-level training and research featuring data science, AI, machine learning, computer vision, robotics and neuroscience from United Kingdom, Spain, France, United States of America and Switzerland.

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