Cybernauts 2019

“Cybernauts 2019” is one of the largest platforms for students around Bangladesh to showcase their talent in the technical field. Once again, North South University Computer and Engineering Club (NSUCEC) is the organizer of this mega event after “Cybernauts” and “Cybernauts 2018”. This event will help to create a standard of international competitive spirit among the students of Bangladesh which will strengthen their talent and guide them to greater competition.

Starting from 21st August 2019, the event will take place at the university premises till 28th August 2019. The event will be divided into six day-long segments: Cyber Athletics, National Programming Contest (22nd and 24th August), Genius Hunt Senior (24th August), Genius Hunt Junior (22nd August), Line Follower (22nd August), Techno Fair, and the brand new segment of this season, Cyber Comic-Con (28th August), which will be the biggest attraction and the showstopper indeed.

A huge number of enthusiasts have already registered, and the registration process is still on for all the segments. Goodies will be provided to the participants during the event and the winners of each segment will be honored with amazing gift hampers.

For further details and updates, please visit the links below-
Official page of NSUCEC:
Event Page:


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