ECE Daylong Workshop on Industrial Instrumentation, PLC & Automation


Integrated Engineering & Compliance Solution, Bangladesh (IECS BD)

Workshop Focus

  • Various Electronic Parameter measurements Instrument for Pressure, Temperature, level, Flow & HART
  • Protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) for basic & detail configuration of devise.
  • Micro Controller Characteristics & Application.
  • Overview on Conventional Relay Logic Circuit for various motor & motion control.
  • Allan Bradley PLC, micro Logic, Compact Logic, control Logic, and an overview on hardware architecture.
  • Siemens LOGO PLC, Sematic S7 200, 300 hardware architecture.
  • Mitsubishi PLC overview.
  • OMRON PLC overview.
  • Communication Protocol to PLC, application software, basic I/O & Ladder logic.
  • VFD/ VFI, Variable Speed Control & Application.
  • SCADA component & various applications of SCADA, generic overview & common industrial terminology.
  • HMI/MMI, (Human Machine Interface/man machine interface) Wonder ware application screen.
  • Honeywell fire & Smoke detection system overview for safety.
  • Standard tools apparatus for field simulation from Accredited Laboratory, purpose & uses.
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