GP Seminar on Human Computer Interaction/User Experience and Analytics

GrameenPhone will organize a seminar on Human Computer Interaction/User Experience (HCI/UX) and Analytics. These are emerging new areas, expertise in which will put the new graduates in an advantageous position against other graduates in entry level employment in coming years.

GP will be discussing the following items in details:


  • Telenor/Grameenphone Mission, Vision and the need for a strong design capability
  • Design: What is it? Relevance? Value?

Area (i):

  • HCI/UX concept: Global perspective
  • How Grameenphone utilizing it to deliver good business results
  • Career in HCI/UX (Design)
  • How can one build career in this? Opportunities?
  • Design Community in Bangladesh
  • How student community can help/contribute
  • Capstone Projects/Internship

Area (ii):

  • Need for a strong analytics capability
  • Analytics: Telenor/Grameenphone perspective
  • Data warehouse/Big Data: Analytics Platform
  • Analytics application: SAS, R etc.
  • Capstone Projects/Internship
  • Career in Analytics
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