INSB Tech Talk

The IEEE NSU Student Branch (INSB) is organising its first INSB Tech Talks tomorrow, Monday 21 March. The event is split into three segments.
1. Presentations from IEEE Spectrum
The event will see two of our students presenting recent works from IEEE Spectrum; this will be a good opportunity for the audience to acquaint themselves with recent trends in research and technology.
2. Faculty Presentations
Prof Rokonuzzaman, Dr Hasan Uz Zaman and Dr Kazi Abu Sayeed will present their contributions and provide students with valuable insight on education, engineering and career.
3. Alumni Talk
Mr Saifuddin Saif will share his experiences as a ECE alumnus and working at NSU as a Lab Officer.
You are cordially invited to attend the event and request your students to attend. We would be grateful if you kindly inform your students during your lectures and labs. An invitation from the INSB Students and a calendar event has been attached for your convenience



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