NSU ACM SC Innovation Challenge Season – 6

With the grand opportunity to turn your dreams into reality, NSU ACM Student Chapter is back with Innovation Challenge once again!

The final year students create a ‘Capstone Project’ for eight long months as part of their academic curriculum. During this time, they put in long hours, hard labor and endless creativity into an issue that will be uniquely solved by them. They select an issue, research on it and come up with innovative solutions to solve it. They consult faculties and outer sources to ensure accuracy and precision. All of this effort is done just to earn a good grade in a semester. NSU ACM SC recognizes their labor and efforts, and therefore to give them the rewards that they deserve, NSU ACM SC has organized the Innovation Challenge since spring 2017.

In order to promote the application of knowledge in the professional field rather than attaining a limited boundary of knowledge, Innovation Challenge is the ultimate destination for the final year Computer Science Engineering students. Their work will be scrutinized and their boundaries will be tested. Only those showcasing the ultimate enthusiasm, innovation and originality will prevail and rejoice. The winners will receive funding to transform their dreams into reality.

So what are you waiting for?

*** Please keep an eye on the official Facebook page of NSU ACM SC for updates.

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