NSU ACMSC Innovation Challenge and Capstone Project Showcase

We are living in a competitive world. The competition to the top floor is so intense that just having an innovative idea is not enough. Innovation charges new frontiers and pushes the human civilization forward. You can need to groom it, push your limit, go to unexplored territories. Ideas should be materialized and then combine the technology with the proper business idea, which can spark a new revolution in the industry, research and other fields.

Final year students of ECE department of North South University have long been working hard to develop and materialize innovative ideas and techniques in accordance with proper engineering guidelines in Capstone Design Showcase. They get 8 months to complete their project in CSE/EEE/ETE499A and 499B. And after that, they showcase their project outputs. Many of their projects are worthy of bringing a positive change in the industry. However, the students usually stop the development of these projects after the completion of 499B owing to a lack of further guidance.

In this context, the introduction of NSU ACM SC Innovation Challenge will help the students to take their capstone projects to the next level. After the successful completion of the Challenge, the students will know how they can turn their capstone projects into marketable products or services.

NSU ACM SC wanted to make sure that the worthy projects coming out from 8 months of hard work don’t sink into oblivion. Realizing the potential and the impact these projects can have in the local industry, NSU ACM SC introduced Innovation Challenge during Spring 2017 which was marked as the Season 1 of the initiative. This semester, NSU ACM SC is back with the third season of Innovation Challenge, to be held on 18th December 2017 at North South University.

To appreciate the effort the students put in and to judge their projects, NSU ACM SC is going to invite a judging panel of experienced faculties who will evaluate the project submissions. And based on their evaluation, 3 of the best projects will be given prizes.

A token prize money – 10,000 BDT for the champion team, 6,000 BDT for 1st runner-up team and 4,000 BDT for 2nd runner-up team will be given to encourage future students for quality projects.

To register for the Innovation Challenge, please fill out the registration form.

Registration form link: https://goo.gl/YRp8Wr

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