Samsung R&D Workshop Phase:II

Date: 22nd July 2018.
Room Number: SAC-316
Time: 4:30 P.M to 7:30 P.M
Organized By: NSU ACM Student Chapter

Samsung Research and Development Bangladesh is conducting a series of workshops in North South University to help students pursuing a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering get accustomed with what lies ahead after graduation. Samsung R&D already conducted Phase: 1 of their workshop and gave a brief idea about the patterns of problem solving involved in the Interview and Entrance Exams in their Research and Development Sector. Phase:2 of the workshop will be conducted on July 22nd 2018. This will be a more in-depth session, which will involve problem solving so participants who already joined the previous workshop, graduating soon, already graduated, looking for internship opportunities are welcome to attend.

The workshops are being organized by NSU ACM Student Chapter.

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