Workshop On Graphic Design

NSU ACM Student chapter is glad to announce the most awaited workshop on Graphic Design once again as per public demand. All the students of ECE department are welcome to join in this workshop with us.
Graphic design plays an important role in today’s modern competitive global environment. Graphics designing has become an integral part of any business and occasion. A good graphic design should effectively communicate the message of the sender to the target audience using tools of visual communication.
This workshop will cover :

1. A short introduction to graphic design and its importance.
2. How the design works and different design formats.
3. Use of the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
4. How to design web and social media contents as well as print materials.
5. Image post-processing and basic manipulation.
6. Text and object effects.

Registration Fee: BDT 250 for non-ACM members and 150 for ACM members.
Saif Hasan
Shazid Hasan Riam
Mehrab Mamun Ratul

Software: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC
Number of Classes: 3
Workshop Duration per class: 2-3 hours
***Notes for the interested participants: Please bring your own laptop if possible for the workshop.

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