Tizen Application Development Workshop by Samsung R&D Bangladesh

The Department of ECE in collaboration with Samsung R&D Bangladesh (SRBD) is going to arrange an workshop on Tizen Mobile OS

Contents of the Workshop:

1.       Tizen Introduction and overview

a.       Overview

b.      Architecture

c.       Profiles supported

d.      Why develop in Tizen

2.       Tizen Setting up development environment – (downloading and installing 2.4 SDK, platform development in Windows and Linux)

3.       Web application development

a.       Understanding the structure of a package

b.      Manifest files, permission etc.

c.       HTML5 and Javascript/Jquery

d.      UI – TAU

e.      Tizen Device APIs (Application, Communication, IO, Social etc)

f.        W3C/HTML5  – Device Touch Events, Orientation and acceleration

g.       Building a simple application (mobile profile)

h.      Build a simple watch face (for Gear)

4. Tizen Native development

a.       APIs overview

b.      UI – EFL Basics

c.       Sample application

5.       Wrap-up, QA.

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