Admission Requirements:

  1. A 4-year bachelor’s or equivalent degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/ Information Technology or related areas from an accredited university with a grade point average of at least 2.75 (in the 4.0 scale). Students having a CGPA of less than 2.75 may be considered if the GRE Computer Science test score is submitted.
  2. A 3-year bachelor’s or equivalent degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering /Computer Science and Engineering/Information Technology or any computer related areas from an accredited public or private university in Bangladesh or abroad with a grade point average of at least 2.75 (in the 4.0 scale) may be admitted on condition that at least 15 credits of foundation courses from the undergraduate curriculum must be completed at NSU in order to be a regular student in the MS in Computer Science & Engineering program.
  3. An acceptable score in the NSU Admission Test or a paper-based score of 1100 or CBT 302 in the Quantitative and Verbal part of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test.
  4. Two letters of recommendation

Students having a background other than computer science (e.i. mathematics, economics) will be required to take a number of undergraduate courses in order to qualify for the Master’s program.

Duration of MSCSE:

  1. The minimum and maximum time to complete the degree requirements is 3 semesters and 5 years respectively from the initial enrolment of the Masters’ program.
  2. The residency requirement is 21 credit hours including the Masters’ Thesis. A maximum of 9 credits is transferable from other universities.

Normal Cost of MSCSE Program:

  1. Admission Fee: Tk 20,000 (nonrefundable), Tk 10,000 (caution fee) & RFID Tk 1000
  2. Late Admission Fee: As per Academic Calendar
  3. Tuition Fee: Tk 4,500 per credit, i.e. Tk 13,500 for a 3-credit course.
  4. Computer Lab Fee: Tk 3,000 per semester.
  5. Student Activity Fee: Tk 4,500 per semester.
  6. Library Fee: Tk 1,500 per semester.
  7. The total expenses in 30/33 credits course will be around 1,85,000 (Approximately) for regular MS students.


Graduate Application Helpline: 01886271722