Intra NSU Programming Contest Fall 2018


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering organized Intra NSU Programming Contest (INPC) Fall 2018 in collaboration with NSU ACM SIGAPP Student Chapter and NSU Problem Solvers on 23 November 2018. With over 91 registrants, this INPC was one of the biggest of its kind in the history of NSU.

Hosted by Toph and supported by NSU IT Office, the contest took place at NSU PZone and began at 09:15 AM. The participants had 4 hours to code the solutions of 12 algorithmic problems in C, C++, or Java. The problems varied in the level of difficulty with 77 contestants being able to solve at least one problem and none being able to solve two of the problems.

There was an intense competition for the top place between Imran Hasan and Aminul Haq. While both of them solved 10 problems, Imran Hasan was the first one to submit solutions to most of the problems which led to his securing the 1st place. Abdullah Al Imam was the one to solve the next highest number of problems and earned the 3rd place. The 4th to 10th places were taken by Md. Al-Amin, Akash Lanard, Koushik Roy, Md. Asif Iqbal Ahmed, Mohammad Ibrahim, Md Mahfuzur Rahman Abir, and Md Minhazul Islam respectively.

The prize-giving ceremony of the contest was held at AUDI 801. Dr. Shazzad Hosain, Associate Professor & Chair of the ECE Department and Mr. Mirza Mohammad Lutfe Elahi, Senior Lecturer & Faculty Sponsor of NSU ACM SIGAPP Student Chapter presented the certificates and prizes to the winners. In their speeches, both of the honorable faculty members emphasized the importance of participating in such contests for developing problem-solving skills and urged the students to keep up the hard work to improve themselves.

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