Dr. K. M. A. Salam

Professor & Director, Office of Admissions

Ph.D from Muroran Institute of Tech., Japan
MS from Muroran Institute of Tech., Japan

Office: SAC 947
Phone: +88 02 55668200 Ext – 1509

Research Areas

Research Interests

  • CMOS Technology
  • IC Fabrication
  • CMOS Image Sensor
  • Renewable Energy


Selected Publications

  • Marufa Ferdausi, K. M. A. Salam, “Integrated DC Energy Management System,” ”, International Journal of Global Science and Technology, Australia, Vol.3. No.1, (2015), pp. 52-63., 2015
  • Nikita Mahjabeen, K. M. A. Salam, “Comparative Study and Design Optimization of Supercapacitors for High Powered LED Flashlight Camera Phones,” International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER), Vol.6. No.7, (2015), pp. 471-477., 2015
  • Ahmed Sony Kamal, K. M. A. Salam, and M. A. Razzak, “Design of a Transformer-less Grid-Tie Inverter Buck-Boost Photovoltaic Inverter with Immittance Conversion Topology,” International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol.4. No.3, (2014), pp. 539-547 (Indexed in SCOPUS)., 2014
  • M. A. Muzahid, M. F. R. Ansari, K. M. A. Salam and H. U. Zaman, “A High Voltage Gain DC-DC Boost Converter for PV Cells,” Global Science and Technology Journal, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 64 – 76, 2015

Research Projects & Grants

  • Design and Development of a Constant Current Grid-Tie Inverter using Immittance Conversion Topology for Photovoltaic Applications (NSU Research Fund)