Playing With Pixels by IEEE NSU RAS SBC

In an effort to increase the technical expertise of students, a new workshop on “Playing With Pixels” was introduced this semester. Organized by IEEE NSU Robotics & Automation Society Student Branch Chapter (IEEE NSU RAS SBC) on the occasion of IEEE Day (3rd October 2018), the workshop’s objective was to familiarize the participants with image processing techniques and provide them a head start into the world of computer vision. It was held at LIB603, ECE Computer Lab of North South University, Dhaka on October 3.

The instructor for the workshop was Hasib Zunair, former Chair, IEEE NSU RAS SBC, and the supervisor was Md. Tanzil Shahria, Chair, IEEE NSU RAS SBC. Dr. Lamia Iftekhar, Faculty Advisor, IEEE NSU RAS SBC welcomed the gathering and introduced the instructor to them. Twenty-five students (mostly pre-final year) of ECE department as well as students from other universities participated in the workshop and enriched their knowledge and skills in image processing with Python. During the workshop, the students got hands-on training in image processing, edge detection, image operation & augmentation, motion detection, color segmentation, template & feature matching etc. The participants were given exercises to work upon after each content covered. The participants were provided certificates after successful completion of all the tasks.

The participants provided their valuable feedback at the end. Some participants suggested coming up with advanced image processing workshops. Few of them also suggested organizing more workshops on “Neural Networks & Intermediate Deep Learning”.

Hasib, observing their enthusiasm said “It’s good to see a lot of students participating in this kind of workshop. Which, in my knowledge, is completely new in the context of workshops overall. Hoping to see more enthusiastic students in the future. They give computers (esp webcams) brain so that they can take over the world!”

Organizing such workshops, IEEE NSU RAS SBC holds on to its aim to “facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge in Robotics & Automation that benefits members, the profession and humanity.”

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