Academic Advising

The Department of ECE offers academic advising to all undergraduate students in BSCSE, BSEEE and BSETE programs. The department developed its academic advising policies that incorporate the general principles and guidelines of NSU-wide Academic Advising policies.

The following Advising policies are applied to all undergraduate students under the Department of ECE at NSU.

  • Each ECE student will have an assigned academic advisor. All ECE students are required to meet with their assigned advisor at least once per semester prior to course registration.
  • The department of ECE has a full-time designated person as Program Officer. Students may also contact the ECE Program Officer for information related to program curriculum, prerequisite, degree requirement analysis, and other policy matters.
  • Each faculty advisor will maintain minimum office hours for academic advising throughout the semester. Other times, students can meet their respective advisors by appointment. Students are encouraged to seek out advising any time they have questions or need assistance.
  • There will be a mandatory advising period every semester for the students who are under probation or who have completed 110 credit hours or above.
  • Students who have completed 110 credit hours or above must complete their Degree Analysis Form and verify it by the ECE Program Officer before meeting their Faculty Advisor.
  • ECE undergraduate students may get help from their Faculty Advisors in the following areas:
    • To choose courses for future semesters according to their curriculum.
    • To understand that students are on the right track towards their graduation and fulfilling the program requirements.
    • To discuss about various academic and non-academic difficulties students are facing in the campus life and get advice on how to overcome those difficulties.
    • To learn about any change in program policies or requirements.
    • To discuss about their career goal and path in the chosen major.

Students may seek advice from ECE Program officer regarding ECE procedures and forms, degree analysis and petition, mandatory advising for students on Academic Probation, grade issues, and general advising on academic issues. Students may walk in to the ECE Program Office according to the following walk-in advising hours:

Sunday through Friday
9:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Contact Information:

Mr. Saidur Rahman
Program Officer
Room: SAC 940
Phone: +88 02 55668200 Ext – 1526

Career and Professional Advising

All ECE students can get advising related to professional career, job placement, internship etc. through NSU Career placement Center (CPC)