Workshop on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) by IEEE NSU RAS SBC

“In an attempt to enhance the applied knowledge on printed circuit boards a workshop on PCBs’ was put in order for the second time. Organized by IEEE NSU Robotics & Automation Society Student Branch Chapter (IEEE NSU RAS SBC) the workshop’s goal was to provide a hands-on experience in PCB design & implementation. It was held at LIB605 & SAC306, North South University on July 19 & 20 respectively.

About 17 students participated to get a practical knowledge on PCBs’. The workshop was divided into two phases; Designing and Implementation. The workshop was conducted by Irfan Haque and Soumic Shekhar, members of IEEE NSU RAS SBC and it was supervised by MD. Tanzil Shahria, Chair, IEEE NSU RAS SBC.

The day one session started at 6 PM in LIB605 on July 19. Irfan started this session with an introduction of PCB, its benefits and applications. He explained the PCB simulation software Proteus and the use of the software for further practical implementation in designing the PCB. Then, the participants were taught how to make a schematic and the layout of PCB using Proteus. The participants also designed their own circuits which were printed for soldering in the next session. The first session continued till 8 PM.

The second phase started at 3 PM and it was conducted by Soumic in SAC306 on July 20. He talked about the precautionary measures necessary for this session. Then an explanation about circuit construction was given. The participants were familiarized with soldering techniques and equipment. As the PCB is more sensitive to component placement, the instructors showed them how to rightly place them with the correct length of connections between them. After successful circuit construction, the participants plugged their circuits in an Arduino board to light up a LED circuit.

In an effort to improve the quality and effectiveness of next events, the organizers collected feedback from the participants. The participants suggested organizing more hands-on learning based workshops & showed great interest to attend the upcoming RAS workshops. They were provided certificates signed by Dr. Lamia Iftekhar, Advisor, IEEE NSU RAS SBC. The session ended by 6 PM.”

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