Technovation 2.0 by NSU ACM SC

Technovation 2.0, a four-day tech fest held at North South University between 21st and 25th November, organized by NSU ACM Student Chapter and presented by the Index Group of companies, has successfully concluded. The Gold Sponsor for this event was Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

Technovation 2.0 is the signature event of NSU ACM Student Chapter. It comprises of a large number of segments ranging from robotics to gaming to mobile applications, all of which help to explore the boundaries of the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Amongst the 8 segments was Datathon, a data science-based competition that was held on a university level for the first time in the country! Other segments included events such as Quadcopter Race, Megabots Clash, App Idea Contest, etc. This year, Technovation 2.0 had participants from 45 universities and 10 colleges all over the country. There were about 1000 enthusiastic participants in total, joining together to create a revolution in the field of tech.

The prize-giving ceremony of Technovation 2.0 was graced with the presence of Special Guest, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of North South University, Mr. Benajir Ahmed. He said, “I’ve always been enthusiastic about the progress of tech. This event once again shows us that we have come a long way and we have the potential to do more!”

The Managing Director of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited Mr. Mahbubul Alam also shared his thoughts: “Investing in technology should be a priority for all of us. Given the opportunity, these students have the talent and skills to conquer the world.”

Technovation 2.0 was honored to have as its chief guest the Private Industry and Investment Advisor to our honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Mr. Salman F Rahman. He congratulated all the winners and organizers of Technovation 2.0 and said, “Technology has always been very close to my heart. When I heard that competitions of such a large scale amassing 45 universities took place, I was very excited to come. We have been working to incorporate coding into primary school so that students become expert programmers by the time they reach secondary school. I think these initiatives are incredibly important to meet the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Among the notables who honoured the event with their esteemed presence were the Chancellor of North South University, Professor Atiqul Islam, The Pro-Vice-Chancellor Dr. M. Ismail Hossain; The Dean of the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Javed Bari, and the Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. K. M. A. Salam.

Through the 4 days of competition, many participants from different universities achieved triumph. The champion of the first-ever university-level Datathon in Bangladesh was Team HardMax from North South University, with the Runner-Up KUET_Manjaro from KUET. The champion of the App Idea Contest was Team How You Doin’ from NSU and the Runner-Up was Team Eshara from IUT. For the Senior Division of the Project Showcase, the Champion was Team Invention Addicted and the Runner-Up was UAP Juvenile Squad from UAP, while for the Junior Division the champion was Team Braily and the runner-up was Team Atlas. For the FIFA19 part of the Gaming Contest, the champion was Md. Abu Ammar and the runner-up Omio Khondaker, while for the DOTA2 part, the champion was the team the Council Requiem and the runner-up the team Aspiring Gaming Phoenix.

In the robotics segments, the champion of the Line-Follower Robot contest was team Maple Robotics from Primeasia University, while the runner up was team DUET Positron Beta from DUET. In Megabots Clash, the champion was team Gladiator from Shaheed Suhrawardy and AIUB, while the runner-up was Algos_USTC from USTC. In the Quadcopter Race, the champion was team Mini Ninja with members from BUET, Notre Dame College and Ideal S&C, while the runner-up was team Rotor Flight from Islamabad Collegiate. Finally, for Robo-Soccer, the champion was UAP_ALIEN_BOT from UAP, while the runner-up was HauMau from NSU.

We would like to thank all the participants and congratulate the top teams and hope they will continue to achieve great success in the future.

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