Design of a Bluetooth Controlled Floor Cleaning Robot

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s1g8p1This project’s goal was to build a robot that will help to do cleaning easier. It consists of various components among which Arduino UNO R3 a microcontroller is key or brain of the robot. All
the movements coding are coded in Arduino software. It follows the similar methodology of an IRobot ‘Roomba’ which is the role model for our project. The ideas and planning of our project all are similar to that IRobot except few components. The new idea of Bluetooth module HC-05 has been used to our project for controlling. There are three goals that have been set for our project. The primary goals of our project were:

  1. To outline and control a robot, using Bluetooth module so that the robot is controlled
    with the assistance of Bluetooth device software from the android mobile phones.
  2. To uproot the little garbage or dirt particles and squanders from the floor using mini vacuum.
  3. Use of a brush, that will sweep or in the wake of evacuating the soil particles or water.

For achieving this success or goals, the major components required are the Dc motors, Chassis,  Four Wheels, Motor Shield, Mini Vacuum, Foam Brush, and Rotating Brush with DC motor.  After setting up the working procedure, the goals which we desired and aimed was achieved  successfully, First Objective was setting up the robot and controlling with Bluetooth manually  which was designed with better smooth performance for the movement and the controlling was  done with the software ARDUINO RC in the android device and robot can move in any direction at a decent speed of 120 rpm and able to rotate 360 degree. Second objective of performing vacuum was done nicely and it has the ability to suck away the minor dirt particles from the floor. It required a minimum of 500mA and a voltage of 3V to operate the function. Final objective of using brushes was very effective as well, the beneath foam brush are able to clean and sweep the floor in a decent manner and rotating brush is able to rotate and perform better in cleaning than what we expected. The brush was rotating at a speed of 120 rpm.