Smart Classroom & Exam System

Title Smart Classroom & Exam System
Authors Md. Sharhan Khan(1420704043), Md. Torikul Islam Shakil(142 0104 043), Raisa Jamil(1411200643), Md. Sharhan Khan(1420704043), Md. Torikul Islam Shakil(142 0104 043)
Supervisor huz
Semester Summer, 2018

Technology in today world is developing day by day and the cost of the product is also reducing. As per as modern demand, everyone searching for a solution in all aspect to make life easier and better. Our project is about the exam system on any android devices by two android apps. One for student and one for teacher. MCQ , fill in the blanks and true/false answer will be auto checked and theory script also checked without knowing whose script is it. Auto grade sheet making also a better feature we provide. This project prevent questions leak before exam starts. script checking will be easy and fair. Other apps will be blocked when running this app. And there are many technologies remaining to make exam system better in future. And this system will rule in the future because the cost of devices reduces day by day.This app have features to share apps, take notes, store them also.