Dr. Shohana Rahman Deeba

Associate Professor & On Leave

PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia

Office: SAC 1010B
Office hours:

ST 11:00AM-5:00PM
M 11:00AM-5:00PM
W 11:00AM-5:00PM

Phone: +88 02 55668200 Ext – 6203


Dr. Deeba obtained her B.Sc and M.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2009 and 2013 respectively. She received University of Queensland International Student Scholarship to pursue her PhD in 2013 and achieved PhD degree in 2017. Dr. Deeba won several awards during her PhD candidature such as best presentation awards in IEEE Queensland section 30-years celebration and University of Queensland EAIT postgraduate conference. Dr. Deeba has won the international travel award from school of ITEE of UQ through which she visited California Independent System Operator, Florida International University and University of California Los Angeles in USA in 2016. Dr. Deeba worked as an Engineer in Bangladesh Power Development Board for 2 years. She also worked as a teaching assistant for several courses in the University of Queensland such as “Electric Signal and Systems” and “Electromechanics and Electronics” for four semesters.
Dr. Deeba came back to Bangladesh and joined as an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of North South University in August, 2017. Dr. Deeba has published several journal and conference papers during her research career.  Currently, she is working on energy storage control in distribution systems.

Research Areas

Research Interests

Power System, Energy Storage Control, Grid Integration of Solar PV, Demand Response, Smart Grid


Selected Publications

  • Shohana Rahman Deeba and Nahid-Al-Masood, “Correlation between Reliability and Weather Scenario: In Perspective of Bangladesh Power System,” International Journal of Energy and Power Engineering, 2013
  • Rifat Mirza, Jubaer Ahmed, Amina Hasan Abedin, SR Deeba, Faeza Hafiz, Mahmuda Begum, A Hasib Chowdhury, “Design of a Cost Effective Off-Grid Wind-Diesel Hybrid Power System in an Island of Bangladesh,” World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering, 2011
  • SR Deeba, P Barooah, R Sharma, J Brooks, TK Saha, “A Customer Centric Approach to the Use of Residential Batteries for Distribution Network Support,” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2018
Conference Papers
  • Tareq Aziz, S. R. Deeba, and N. Masood, “Investigation of Post-Fault Voltage Recovery Performance with Battery-Based Energy Storage Systems in a Microgrid,” Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC), 2016
  • S. R. Deeba, Rahul Sharma, Tapan Kumar Saha and Andrew Thomas, “Investigation of Voltage Performance of an LV Distribution Network for Improving Rooftop Photovoltaic Uptake in Australia,” IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2016
  • S. R. Deeba, “A Battery Management Approach to Improve Steady State Voltage Performance of an LV Distribution Feeder,” Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC), 2016
  • S. R. Deeba, R. Sharma, T. K. Saha, and D. Chakraborty, “A tool to estimate maximum arbitrage from battery energy storage by maintaining voltage limits in an LV network,” Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC), 2015 IEEE PES Asia-Pacific, 2015
  • S. R. Deeba, R. Sharma, and T. K. Saha, “Coordinated control of multi-functional battery energy storage system in an unbalanced network,” Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC), 2014
  • Nahid-Al-Masood, S. R. Deeba, A. Hasib Chowdhury, Maria Rahman1, Sazzad A. Rahman, Fahim Hasan and Md. Jakir Hossain, “Savings of Electricity Consumption Cost in Residential Sector of Bangladesh,” 14th IEEE International Multi topic Conference (INMIC), 2011
  • Nahid-Al-Masood, S.R. Deeba, Hamidur Rahman, Md. Nazmus Shahadat, S. Ahmad, G.A.K. Biswas, A.U. Elahi and N.M. Zakaria, “Power Quality Improvement of Bangladesh Power System Using Shunt Compensation Technique,” International Conference on Electrical, Control and Computer Engineering (ICECCE), Malaysia, 2011
  • Nahid-Al-Masood, M.N. Shahadat, S.R. Deeba, G.A.K. Biswas, A.U. Elahi and N.M. Zakaria, “Reliability Evaluation of Bangladesh Power System Using Cumulant Method,” 3rd International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology (ICECT), India, 2011
  • S. R. Deeba, “Development of Control Algorithms for Energy Storage Systems in a Distribution Network,” 2014 CSSI Summer of Excellence, TU Dresden, Germany, 2014

Professional Activity

1) Reviewer of IEEE transaction on Sustainable Energy, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting 2016, IEEE APPEEC conference 2015, Australasian Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC) 2016
2) Member of IEEE, IEEE Power and Energy Society, IEEE Women in Engineering, Honors Society IEEE HKN, CIGRE Next Generation Network
3) Faculty Advisor of IEEE North South University, Women in Engineering AG
4) Active volunteer to organise two conferences in Brisbane, which are IEEE APPEEC 2015 and AUPEC 2016 in University of Queensland.